Relationships in Film Version of Educating Rita

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Relationships in Film Version of Educating Rita

There are two main characters in the film educating Rita. These are

both problem ridden and have many faults within themselves that can

only be solved by each others love, affection and comfort towards one

another. The director develops complexities in these characters and he

uses various techniques to develop there relationship which will be

explained during this essay.

The two characters I am referring to are Rita played by Julie Walters

and Frank played by Michael Caine. In the film they are both very

different people. Rita is a hair dresser from a working class

background and Frank is a University lecturer from a middle or class

background that tutors Open University pupils for extra money.

In my opinion the contrast of the two characters brings them closer


During this essay I plan to introduce each character then go through

each bullet point thoroughly including four separate episodes, how

Frank and Rita behave and react around one another concerning

characterisation, the difference in language used in the two

characters and also the directors techniques used in the film. Having

done this I should be able to answer the question fully in the


Being from a hard up working class background Rita received a poor

education leading her to become a hairdresser even though she had the

potential to a much higher paid job where her brain is needed. This

being the reason she decided to try out an Open University course. She

didn't want to be stuck in hairdressing in Liverpool for the rest of

her life she wanted to get qualifications and discover her real inner

self before the best part of her life was over and she was tied down

with children. Rita is already married to a man called Denny but with

an already weak relationship things got a lot worse when she started

to study because he didn't like her getting an education - thinks she

should stay at home and have children, and as Rita spends less time
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