Relationships And Marriage In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Relationships and marriages play a crucial role in the novel, Pride and Prejudice. Some of the important relationships shown in the novel are out of pure love while, most are together for the sense of security, money, and convenience for the both of the partners. Each character holds a different perspective on love and marriage. A handful of characters even become involved in each others’ “love life.” In this particular time period, the parents of the daughters purposefully try to marry them off based on money and looks. In this case, we see Mrs. Bennet play the role of the crazy mother who wants her daughter to be married off to any man with money. Mrs. Bennet does not care one bit if they do not love each other, her one care is money money money. Mr. Bennet doesn’t push the marrying off of his daughters because of the fact, that he feels indifferent about his marriage with Mrs. Bennet. The marriages in the book are either hits or misses.…show more content…
The first time they had met, Elizabeth was not so fond of Darcy. He had refused to dance with Elizabeth the first time they had met and she was really bothered by that. After this had occurred Elizabeth started giving Darcy the cold shoulder. He tried and tried to win her over but, she was set in her ways. Until, she ran into Darcy when he was not supposed to be home. At that moment, she realized she fell in love with Darcy. He insisted they meet up more often, and soon after they were finally married. Elizabeth and Darcy married out of pure love for each other. They were genuinely in love, not just for physical attraction and convenience but, for love. Just as Jane and Mr.
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