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In the book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, a chapter called “The Roseto Mystery” explains about a city in Pennsylvania called Roseto. The Rosetans are known for living for a long time because they have a strong relationship with each other. The relationships I have in my life include my parents, siblings, and lastly my friends; they all affected me in different ways. For example, my parents are tricky. However, for the most part I understand the reason they answer to me the way they do, when I talk to them about something. My siblings can be like my parents but sometimes agree with me. My friends can understand each other, when we talk to each other; but can also be aware of the real things that we can do for each other. My parents affect me in a negative way because sometimes we agree on decisions we make together. Other times we argue about a decision that my parents make for me. For example, whenever I would like to go out for the night I have to ask my parents if I could go. It is hard to go out sometimes, because there are places I want to go but cannot go because it is too late to go or I cannot go because it is only girls who are going. My parents always have the last word in a where and when I’m going and when I’m coming home; it all depends who I’m with and where I’m going which will dictate how long I will be staying out. For example, every night I wanted to head out the night with a couple friends. They would ask me “Who is coming with me, and where are you going to and what time are you planning to come home?” Also my parents want me home no later than midnight, depending where I’m at. If I’m at far place for example out of town then they just want me to get home when the event is over; but if I’m close home the l... ... middle of paper ... ...ur family, no matter how bad the thing they have done in the past. They will love you forever. I believe relationships should be like “The Roseto Mystery,” because everyone is so nice to each other and has each other’s backs. Just like family, we support each other, no matter who you are if you’re a friend or someone you are close to, you always have to watch over each other’s backs. I believe the people from the “The Roseto Mystery” survived so long because of the fact they are just like family and take care of not only themselves but of each other. If America were to be like “The Roseto Mystery” then our country would have a higher age death rate, which is an astonishing thing to have. America should show off the skill that we can work among each other. Work Cited Gladwell, Malcom. Outliers: True Story of Success. New York: Little, Brown and Co. 2008. Print.

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