Relationship With A Teacher In Mark Bauerlein's When Teachers Don T Matter

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When I was in high school just last year you had to speak to your teachers, whether you wanted to or not, and I was the type of student who absolutely didn't want to. In high school you had a relationship with your teacher because most classes were no bigger than 30 students, and some were as small as 8. In school' class='brand-secondary'>high school you were the minor, the child, and your teacher was the adult, the adult who could write you up or call your parent if you were "being bad". You went to school 5 days out of our 7-day week, and during those 5 days we were at school 8 hours each day. For most people we could all agree that high school was like a big family, you saw them sometimes as much as your real family. So coincidentally, it was crucial and inevitable to…show more content…
I took in what he said and decided whether I thought his accusations were true, and whether I agreed or disagreed based off of my personal experience and based off of how I see others interact with their teachers now. With all of that in mind, I came to the conclusion that I disagree with what most of what Bauerlein is claiming. In Mark Bauerlein's essay he talks about how today's teachers simply don't matter as much as they used to, to students. Bauerlein talked about how when he was in school the teachers were a heroic figure to them. "They were the seat of knowledge, the core of the discipline. They had the learning we hoped to have, or had to get if we wanted a good grade.", Bauerlein stated…show more content…
As I mentioned before there are multiple factors that deal with the lack of relationships between the teacher and the student and the change in student/teacher behavior from then to now and those are some of the factors. It is just perplexing to me how Bauerlein notices these factors but still refused to believe or accept the truth. Another factor could be that students when he was in school didn't have all the resources and technology that we have today. With this being said, of course it won't be as many questions that need to be asked, because we can simply just ask google, or look it up on given websites. With modern technology we have almost any question we ever want to ask in the palm of our hands. We can email the professor if it's a questioned pertaining directly to the course, or if it's a specific question. Point is, we can email the professor about anything we have to say, that’s appropriate of course. To be frankly honest emails are more convenient for the professor and for the

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