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What is relationship? Relationship can be described as, “the way in which one or more concepts, objects or people are connected, or a state of being connected.” There are many types of relationships. Four examples include:
- Family
- Friendship
- Business partners and associate
- Spiritual Relationships
As believers we have the opportunity to develop a relationship with our Heavenly Father so we can have a personal relationship with Him. To do this we must read His word, pray and spend time with Him. The better we know Him the more we understand his person, his will and his plans for our lives.
A relationship with God is not hard. The effort we put into our relationships with our family and friends to build strong families, and great friendships,
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He desires to show us the mysteries of the Kingdom. We should desire to know the Heart of God, the Mind of God the will of God, the purpose of God, and what He is doing in the earth.
As Kingdom citizens we must know the times and the seasons, which comes through intimacy. Many times we only seek God for things to benefit our flesh. I would often say to persons, not to seek only the hand of God, but seek his face. His words declares in Matthew 6:33 which we so gracefully like to quote “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Remember God do not add like us. I like his way of adding, because one is a thousand, and two is ten thousand.
We must desire to grow closer to God. Seeking to have more of His character. We ought to be more like God, desiring to see His will be done on the earth. To achieve this requires more power and greater anointing, more love, peace, joy and all the fruits of the
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We must give up pride, anger bitterness, envy, strife so the spirit of God will take control of our mind body and soul.
The Apostle Paul says, “I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord for whose sake I have lost all things” Philippians 3:8. There is nothing in this world which compares to an intimate relationship with God.
A real relationship with God is not about how you quote the Bible, how good you prophesied, how much you give, how long you pray, nor is it about what you do, or how long you did it. A relationship with God is knowing who God is, and being able to tell others of your walk with Him. We must be witnesses of God’s goodness in our lives.
During Jesus time on earth he demonstrated that His relationship with God was not about rules, rituals and man-made religion, which are fruitless when it comes to attaining the knowledge of God.
God wants closeness with us. The closer we are to God the freer we become from the things of the flesh. We are in this world but not of the

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