Relationship Break Up Research Paper

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Did you know psychologists concur that having a relationship break up is like going through grief? Contrasting grieving and getting over a break up, you can probably see why. In both cases you lose someone you loved and you're unwilling to psychologically let them go. By using similar principles to grieving for someone, you can get over a relationship breakup.

I want you to know bad relationships happen and how to detect them and for you to learn useful advice for managing your break up such as having a support group and keeping your internal thoughts on the right track. You can see these tips are useful for those who are mourning.

You firstly need to be aware that break ups are a part of relationships and life. Acknowledge relationships end all the
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What is even worse then being resistant to getting over the person yet wanting to not get over them is not being aware of the mental tug-o-war game within you. The internal conflict within yourself will leave you frustrated and not in control of your thoughts and emotions. You'll be uncertain of getting back together with your old partner while being unwilling to move on and enjoy your life by yourself or with another partner.

You have to be certain of yourself and know what you want. Don't destroy the golden rule. Ask yourself questions and be fully aware of what is making you resistant to emotionally releasing yourself from the person such as "What makes me still attracted to the person?", "Why can't I get over him/her?", and "What do I like about the person?" to develop an understanding of yourself. Ask yourself other questions that you think will help clarify your emotions and thoughts.

Clarity will form a direction you will head towards in your life. It will tell you where not to go. It will show you want you want. You will no longer have second thoughts and be uncertain of what you want. By clearly defining a destination you are able to map out a path as to how you will arrive
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