Relationship Between The Holocaust and Genocide

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We learn about the Holocaust to learn the meaning of genocide, religious freedom, racism, discrimination, and superiority. We learn that villians choose to be evil they are not born evil. We learn about hypocrits and soldiers without morals. We learn with immoral beliefs and cowards who won't face the truth and damage they have created. We learn about Jewish struggles including camps wher innocents and adolesents are murdered. We learn about the Holocaust to prevent it from happening again.

We learn about how Hitler became evil because his father didn't spend time with him. We learn that even Hitler tried to run away from being drafted into World War I. How he was injured twice in the war and while he was recovering from a mustard gas attack that left him temporarily blind Hitler learned that the Germans had surrendered and that Jewish soldiers were some of the leaders of the surrender. Also the surrender started Hitlers hatered towards Jews. Hitler was arrested for trying to start a genocide and was supposed to serve a five year prison sentence. Hitler only served nine months of the sentence because he had many followers from writing his book Mein Kampf. We learn about Hitler and his major acts of genocide when he killed about six million Jews and around eleven million undesirables in total. We learn that Hitler killed himself to keep from facing the truth and world he created and also from haing to face enemy forces.

The Holocaust was the mass murders that Nazis were applying to the world and the killings that started by using guns. When Hitler found the shooting of people to inhumane for soldiers to handle he found a way that he thought was more humane for soldiers by using gas chambers and crematoriums. This also made it bet...

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...h is considered one of the worst.

We learn about the Holocaust to learn about our villians and heroes, saviors and enemies of the war. We learn about the Holocaust so we know the consequences of racism and intolerance. We learn about the Holocaustso we can prevent history from repeating itself. Another reason we learn about the Holocaust is to understand that when political figures talk about purity of race, purity of religion, and discrimination it will not end well. It will end in chaos. We need to understand that moral character should define someone not their religion or the color of their skin. Humans are created equal. No one race is better than another. We need to work together to create peace. We learn about the Holocaust so we know that our differences aren't in our religion, race, or nationality it's in our morals and the beliefs in our hearts and souls.
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