Relationship Between The Gods In The Odyssey

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In the Odyssey there is a distinct relationship that is shared between the mortals and the Gods. In the link with Christian faith, the Gods in the Odyssey are physically present. The Gods help, lend assistance, support and mentor the mortals. They can be ‘compared to that of a guardian angel’ (FORP). In comparison, the gods have their favourites which my result in the negativity towards a mortal from a particular God. As so the mortals are at the mercy of Gods. Majority of the time the mortals benefit greatly from the Gods and can be seen to transform for the better.

When you think of God, you jump straight to the immortal God of the Christianity faith where they are not physically present; they are omnipresent (ReligionFacts, 2004). In relationship
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The gods somewhat shape the lives of the women and men within the Odyssey. Athena, the Fighters Queen (Homer, Odyssey 16.237) was the protector of and assisted Odysseus. After Odysseus went missing, she was by his son, Telemachus’, side (DelGuercio). If Athena did not push him into calling an assembly to the suitors by urging him ‘to find some way of ridding the house of these Suitors’ (Homer, Odyssey 1.10) and basically stating to grow up, ‘you are no longer child: you must put childish thoughts away’ (Homer, Odyssey 1.11), Telemachus would have been killed by his mother’s suitors plan (Smith, 2012). Athena helps him mature, gain confidence and assertiveness to take action against the suitors. Similarly the Goddess helps Telemachus search for his absent father. She helped with the venture to find and search for Odysseus. Athena ‘lulled the suitors there into a state of pleasant drowsiness’ (Homer, Odyssey 1.25), which therefore allowed Telemachus to undertake his journey. However it’s not always positive relationships the mortals and Gods have. The relationship between the ‘wise Odysseus (Homer, Odyssey 1.99) and ‘the Earth-Shaker God Poseidon’ (Homer, Odyssey 1.81) is undesirable. Poseidon will go out of his way to stop Odysseus from returning home. ‘The sight of Odysseus sailing over the seas enraged him’ (Homer, Odyssey 5.70). Poseidon purposely roused up the seas and stirred up a storm to
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