Relationship Between Personality Types And Learning Styles

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Introduction Everyone has their own personality type as well as their own learning style. Researchers have found understanding your own personality type and learning style, can be important when it comes to advancing your learning (Brownfield, 1993). The purpose of this correlation study is to determine the relationship between personality types and learning styles. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, “viewed differences in behavior to be the result of innate preferences that remained fairly consistent throughout life” (Breckenridge, 2014, np). In 1921, he published Psychological Types (Jung, 1921), that would later become the base for the development of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Miller, 2001). The MBTI consists of four preferences each with two sides. Jung referred to the first two preferences as attitudes; introversion and extroversion (Rimmerman,2005,). Introverts those who receive stimulation from within, they tend to be more withdrawn. Introverts prefer a quiet learning environment, and to work alone, however, they do enjoy a lecture formatted class . Whereas extroverts get their stimulation from the environment and tend to be more social (Herbster, 1996). They generally think and learn best by moving around and rely on trial-and-error to solve problems; they enjoy an active classroom with hands-on work and prefer group discussions over lectures. The way people use their perception and judgment is believed to contribute to behavior (The Myers & Briggs Foundation, nd). The functions that are used for judging, how someone views the information they’ve been given, are sensing and intuition (Drummond & Stoddard, 1992). The two functions that are used for perceiving, how someone makes a decision; are thinking and feeling (... ... middle of paper ... ...troverted. I was surprised to see this because visual and auditory learners prefer lecture style classrooms and are both very good at taking notes whereas tactile learners tend to doodle more. Introverts learning styles seemed to correlate well with auditory and visual learners, but our data tells us otherwise. I don’t think it fully supported our hypothesis because we simply had too small of a field of data, we only had 5 auditory learners and 6 visual learners. In the future, I plan to either focus on one learning style or gather a mass of data. Given more time and participants it would have been interesting to see how much if so at all my conclusion changed. Although the data supported our first hypothesis, I don’t feel as though the information that supports or doesn’t support our hypothesis, is reliable due to how small the field was and how little time we had.

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