Relationship Between Native Americans And Nature

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The relationship the Native Americans had with nature was different than the type of relationship we have with nature now. The Native Americans respected nature and took care of it, and they were very thankful of the land they lived on and the natural surroundings that they had. "Seventh generation sustainability, the idea that decisions should be considered for their impact on the seventh generation to come, inspired by the laws of the Iroquois." Taking this into account we should really think of Earth 's Energy Balance which is that our planet has a budget of how much energy comes into the planet, how much energy is lost in space, and how much is on Earth and its atmosphere. On the other hand we think what we are doing is best for us but we aren 't really thinking of the environment and how we are destroying it while doing well to ourselves. Most of the things we eat or get from the grocery store are mostly likely to be a GMO product or it’s been sprayed down with pesticides. We do this to prevent the bugs and insects from ruining the food that we eat, but in this process we are harming ourselves because those pesticides go inside of us when we eat them. This pesticide has caused so many problems in our body like; Pesticides have been linked to a wide range of human health hazards, ranging from short-term impacts such as headaches and nausea to chronic impacts like cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption.” (THE PROBLEM WITH PESTICIDEs). Not only that but these pesticides harm a tiny baby that is in the womb, we think that we are protecting that baby but the pesticides are harming them, “Nelson, a Californian, and other local doctors find themselves in the eye of a storm swirling for the past three years around the H... ... middle of paper ... determine the harm to imperiled plants and animals of the expected tremendous increase in 2, 4-D use.” (ENGINEERING AN ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER). Since the use of pesticides is growing the impact is huge on our environment and on us. We think helping ourselves is helping the environment but it’s the total opposite because we are harming the environment, instead of trying to save it. When all of this is over and we have ruined our planet where are we all going to go we don’t have another earth. the native Americans respected the environment and they didn’t ruin it like we do, that is the reason they didn’t have as many environment effects as we do because everything was balanced and now the nature has to work extra hard to keep things in balance and sometimes our impact on the planet and the environment is greater and it ruins things and throws things off balance.
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