Relationship Between Femail Juniors Involved in Sports and Grade Point Average

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Statement of Tasks: The plan is to obtain data of female juniors involved in sports and the relevance to their grade point averages. The data will be collected through a survey. The survey will be distributed to fifty female juniors that attend Taft High School. The survey will ask the student to state the curriculum such as IB or other (Regular/Honors). Students will also have to state their grade point averages. The researcher has to assure that each student is either involved or has recently been involved in a sport. A statistical analysis will be applied to the data in order to uncover any relevance of the data. The analysis will require a chi-squared (x2) test. Detailed Plan: I, the researcher, surveyed fifty female juniors by asking to state their curriculum and grade point average. These female juniors had to be in a sport in order to be part of my research. Twenty females took IB classes and thirty females took another curriculum such as regular or honors. With the data collection, I had to sort IB grade point averages from the others’ grade point averages. Then, I arranged the grade point averages according to ranges. The grade point ranges are: less than 5.0 (< 5.0), less than 4.0 (< 4.0) and less than 3.0 (< 3.0). I created a table which is now known as the observed frequency. The numbers in the cells are the number of female juniors in a sport that have a certain grade point average within the GPA range. This observed frequency will be used in the x2 test which is an element to the analysis. Participation & GPA ≤ 5.0 ≤ 4.0 ≤ 3.0 Total IB 14 6 0 20 Other 1 14 15 30 Total 15 20 15 50 Analysis: Grade Point Averages For simple mathematics, I found some measures of central tendency. The c... ... middle of paper ... ... dedication a student is willing to put it. The IB program consists of advanced courses and the GPA are worth more. It also shows the ability to be a balanced student as to staying on track academically while playing a sport. IB students have to be very well rounded individuals. In the observed frequency, one can see that IB students don’t have a GPA lower than 3.0. Unlike the others (regulars and honors), they accept the average GPA between 3.0-4.0. It is a matter of just passing by with decent grades and being able to play. I thought I used the appropriate amount of mathematics. Indeed, perhaps improvements can be made by adding more mathematical process whether simple or sophisticated. I would also obtain more data to augment the results. Perhaps survey more students or both genders. The techniques could be adjusted. Graphs would possible enhance the project.

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