Relations Between the United States and China

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775 words

The sovereignty of a nation, the integration of territories and national reunification and safety are the focus of Sino-US relationships. The US refuses to accept a powerful China. The previous secretary of the US Assistant Secretary of State Winston Lord once told reporters that at the beginning, America and China focused to settle down the problems on how to treat each other in a strategic way and the problems will determine the Sino-US relations characteristics after the cold war to a large degree. Since the cold war ends, the relationship between China and the US averts to such matters as Taiwan issues, Hong Kong, Tibet, South China Sea and so on. The Twain issue has always been a core, critical and primary one in the relationship between China and the US, which is also a strategic one sine the cold war. And this issue lasts to the 21st century. Among all kinds of problems on the relationship between China and the US, the Taiwan issue is the most critical and tough one which lasts for a long time and has a negative effect on the Sino-US relations. The US just adheres to One China principle in words not in deeds. For instance, in 1992, the US sent F-16 fighters to Taiwan and also sold warship to Taiwan Straits in 1996 year. All this actions worsens the relationship between China and the US, which also causes contradiction of the main interests of the two powers in the world.

However, the US does not blame itself but stresses that the rise of China leads to a threat to Taiwan security and leads to some uncertainty factors in Asian-Pacific Ocean. The US attributes the bad Sino-US relations to China’s fast development. The Bush Administration and Clinton Administration took over the US government successively after the cold wa...

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...s would like to work in China.( Ching, 2000,) It is concluded from the survey that whether working in China is no longer a question to be considered while questions about what the opportunities in China and what kind of job people can do in China is a pertinent question.

And there are three important reasons why young people consider working in China: firstly, China is a potential country and working in China can be regarded as an important experience for one’s long-term career goal. Secondly, to get a position in China before the competition of hunting a job gets fierce. Lastly, China is much more international than Taiwan Island. It can be inferred that none of these three reasons have any connection with politics, identity and ideology. Instead, it is a question all about economic chances because young Taiwanese are practical when considering working in China.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the taiwan issue is the most critical and tough one in the relationship between china and the us, which is also a strategic one sine the cold war.
  • Analyzes how the us is ambivalent about taiwan's membership in the un, the world bank, and other international organizations.
  • Opines that taiwanese identity doesn't mean that they have an anti-china attitude or a preference to confront with china.
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