Rejection In Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein centers around a creator who rejects his own creation. The plot thickens as Victor Frankenstein turns his back on his creation out of fear and regret. The monster is cast out alone to figure out the world and as a result of a life with no love, he turns evil. Shelley seems to urge the reader to try a relate with this monster and avoid just seeing him as an evil being beyond repentance. There is no doubt that the monster is in fact evil; however, the monster’s evilness stems from rejection from his creator. Like a child longs for a mother’s love, the monster longs for the love of his creator. When the monster was first created, Victor says that the monster looked at him “while a grin wrinkled his cheeks.” The monster looks at Victor with love and instead of receiving love in return, he receives complete rejection. The monster cannot understand why his own creator does not love him like God loved Adam. The monster believes he should be like Adam but is “rather the fallen angel.” God made man in his own image and loved Adam even with his flaws. Yet, victor made “a monster so hideous that [Victor] turned from [his creation] in disgust.” This rejection from Victor makes the monster angry and…show more content…
Shelley’s monster in Frankenstein definitely learned to be evil. He longed for a normal life with a family who loved him; yet, he never got what he wanted. Instead he was met with disgust by all of humankind. His creator, Victor Frankenstein, did not even see his own fault in the situation. He created this being and then rejected and cast him out in the world all alone. His own creator made him believe that he was evil and as a result he fulfilled that prophecy. This being didn’t ask to be created but did ask to be loved. This being could have been a loving human and instead turned evil because he was rejected by his own creator and then was denied the opportunity of living in solitude with a
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