Reinforcements of Hens

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Schedules of reinforcement
The general area of investigation for this experiment, is to look at the schedules of reinforcements of hens. The scientific importance of this is to see how the hens respond to each schedule of reinforcement.
The law of effect is where if there is a positive effect going on, it will most likely happen again and if it’s a negative effect, it will most likely not happen again. Schedules of reinforcement is when a behaviour is being reinforced over and over again, the more times it is being reinforced, the higher rate it will do the same behaviour again. This can be related to a human behaviour. For example, A child never wants to go to the supermarket, but if the child is given a toy to play with every time they visit the supermarket, this behaviour is being continuously reinforced, if the child isn’t given the toy then it may result in the child not wanting to go to the supermarket anymore.
Different schedules of reinforcement, Fixed-Interval is where they will respond to a fixed number of time, this counts as receiving a reinforcement. Variable-ratio is...
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