Reiman Gardens: Unique Places In Ames, Iowa

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Reiman gardens known as the living creature, is one of the unique places in Ames, Iowa that started with the mission to educate the students of Iowa State University in the field of horticulture. In accomplishing that mission, Reiman gardens developed many other reasons for its existence. Creating an illusion of a landscape, this place is not only used to sense its beauty but also make us come through some of its unique features ranging from different types of plants to 80 types of butterfly species. Today, Reiman gardens is home to the award-winning rose garden, nearly forty other gardens, a conservatory, a learning Centre, the Christina Reiman butterfly wing and the Campanile. Keeping all this in mind, this place engulfs you with its immense beauty and make you believe in the childhood stories about the colorful fairyland.…show more content…
The original horticulture garden was north of the farm house of the Iowa State Horticulture Research Station. In 1964, the garden was moved to a three-quarter site on the northeast corner of Iowa State University, north of the power plant. But due to the limited site and with the desire to have more space, the garden was moved in 1990’s. With the funds granted by Roy Reiman and his wife, the garden was officially opened on September 16, 1995, beautifying the entrance to the City of Ames and Iowa State
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