Rehabilitation As A Form Of Criminal Punishment Essay

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I will discuss the topic of rehabilitation as a form of criminal punishment. Criminals have been considered to do acts that go against the culture and ethics of the society. However, rehabilitation centers and prisons have been used as the training and guiding places for such criminals. Rehabilitation is the process that criminals undergo to change their character that is aimed at causing trouble to the community. Examples of crimes that are accepted in rehabilitation centers include drug abuse and other offenses such as robbery and rape (Huebner, 2009). Punishment is not a suffering but a process that a criminal is taken to undergo after doing wrong to the society. Taking other people’s property and other possessions without permission can lead to jail terms or imprisonment. The ruling made by the judges in court is a way of deciding the form of punishment that the criminals must face. Rehabilitation as a Form of Criminal Punishment
The people referred to rehabilitation centers must be not only criminals but also those with psychological problems (Chan, 2012). The disorders that are experienced by the people in the society must be solved in a gradual process that will enable the individuals to overcome the challenges with ease. Rehabilitation is one among the current trends in the criminal justice
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The complications are caused by trauma or depression that must be guided through a specific process that can help to bring back to normal the state of mind (Benson, 2003). Most youths are affected by the problem of drug abuse and other misleading acts such as theft and robbery. The peer pressure that the youth face leads to the desire of having the flamboyant items and having more money to help in hanging out with

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