Regulatory Environment For Kudler Fine Foods

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Regulatory Environment for Kudler Fine Foods Due to the decisions made to use local growers of organic products and start a catering service, Kudler Fine Foods has decided to close three departments for refurbishing and simultaneously lay-off workers within each department. For the focus of this paper, Kudler will be analyzed concerning any legal obligations the store may have toward the employees, supplying contractual agreements with local organic farmers, product liability, and regulatory implications. Obligations to Employees Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is located in California where they support the "employment-at-will" policy. Per the KFF handbook (2004): KFF has to right to add new policies, change policies, or cancel policies at any time. The only policy that will never be changed or canceled for any reason is the employment-at-will policy. The employment-at-will policy allows the employee or KFF to terminate the employment at any time for any reason (para. 2). This statement reiterates that legally, Kudler does have the right to shut down the three departments, (a) confectionary, (b) deli, and (c) on-site prepared meals for the three months needed to re-establish the business. Concerns Kudler will need to recognize are the possible, if any, moral obligations to the employees being laid-off. For example, (a) Will KFF offer temporary re-assignment to these employees in other areas of the business, (b) Are the positions in question guaranteed to be replaced with the same employees, (c) Will a new application process be implemented once refurbishing is complete, (d) Will there be compensation packages offered to employees who are not rehired? Possible resolutions to these concerns are, re-assigning work loads, retraining for new positions, guaranteed holds for employees wishing to return after the closing of the department, and if not returning, a compensation package for those employee who qualifies. Contracting Local Organic Growers "The law of contracts deals with the enforcement of promises….The law of contracts sorts out what promises are enforceable, to what extent, and how they will be enforced" (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers & Langvardt, 2003, p. 222). Contracts are private agreements between two or more parties that usually involve one party paying the other for a supplied service or for another service. The local organic growers have recently approached Kudler with requests for contracts to assist in the security regarding where the produce is to be sold. By entering into a contract with the growers, each party is accepting the legally binding, and voluntary agreement.

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