Regular Exercise And Healthy Lifestyle

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Regular exercise is very important for a healthy life; in addition to that a healthy lifestyle is also required. If a person has both then he is bound to be healthy. Nowadays people know more about the advantages of a healthy lifestyle through the interconnectedness of the world than they did 40-50 years ago but still according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre the percentage of adults with normal BMI went down from 41% to 34% in the years 1993-2012 in the United Kingdom. If a person has a healthy lifestyle he will feel more energy flowing through his body and will be able to do his work more efficiently and with proper concentration thus leading to a better quality life. Furthermore regular exercise reduces weight and maintains a healthy body. A healthy lifestyle also reduces the risks of life threatening diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke and depression. Regular exercise is also known to improve your mood; any physical activity discharges chemicals in the brain that make a person feel happy. Should the governments be held responsible for their people’s regular exercise? Well people choose the governments so that they can provide for them and keep them happy, as discussed before people will be happy if they are healthy and the government should ensure that their people exercise regularly. Organizations such as NHS in the UK spend up to 8.4 billion pounds per year on people’s physical inactivity. this article will look at how regular exercise and healthy life styles affect a person’s life and what the governments do and should do to ensure that people take a lively approach towards regular exercise and stay fit.

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...y to make exercise available for every person. But it’s not just the government’s responsibility people should have individual mentality to stay healthy and fit.
All in all exercise is very important if a person wants to stay happy and live a happy life. Only if someone has proper knowledge of health, he will be able to raise a healthy child. Furthermore the government should be protective about their people and take all steps required to teach the nation a healthy way to live and to do exercise on a regular basis. If exercise is to be made compulsory it will take a lot of effort from the government and individuals but it will ensure that the coming generation will be healthy and physically fit. But this responsibility of the government is to an extent not completely. The people should also worry about their own well-being and put an effort into staying healthy.
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