Regress Analysis & Impact of Requirement Coverage to Minimize Test Suite with Implementation of Incremental Algorithm

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Abstract – Requirements are very important features for the designing of any software application. Test suite creation is a big and hectic task for the Software Quality Analyst. We propose to develop a technique for analysis of Covered Requirement and its impact on the designed Test suite. The requirement associated with the test cases accepts specification like execution time, costing for minimization of test suite. The specification analyser compares the information about the techniques like Precision, Efficiency, Inclusiveness and Generality. By reducing the test suite size, we can reduce the execution cost and time, validation and management of the test cases from the suite for future releases of the software and able to maintain the fault detection capability by reusing the refined test cases. The requirement coverage will increase time-effectiveness in sorting the features of the application and reduces the duplicacy. An improved rate of testing activity will provide faster feedback of the system under test.

Keywords: Requirement Coverage, Regression Testing, Path Analysis Techniques, Data Flow Techniques and Refinement.


Software Quality Testing is a part of verification and validation. The software quality assurance is essential for organisations. The main objective is to reduce the cost of guarantying quality throughout the software development process.

Software Testing is the activity that individual does with the intention to find out the errors in software applications. Regression Testing is the process of validating modified software to detect whether the new errors have been introduced into the previously tested codes and provide confidence that the modifications are correct.

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