Registered Nursing

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Registered nurses help people in many different ways and work in a variety of settings, whether it is simply in the physician’s office preparing a patient for a check-up or assisting the doctors during surgery in the operating room. I am researching nursing because I am interested in the human body and how it works and I love helping people in need. Although nursing began a very long time ago, it wasn’t until around the 1850s that many people acquired an interest in this field. Florence Nightingale, one of the first well known nurses, went to an army camp during the Crimean War to help clean hospital equipment in 1854. “The work Nightingale performed led to dramatic changes in the Army hospitals and sparked an overwhelming interest in the field of nursing” (Bradford). Nursing developed in order to help people in need when their health was bad and to assist doctors in caring for their patients.
In order to become a registered nurse, you must first receive the proper certification and schooling. There are certain educational requirements you must meet after high school before being accepted into a nursing program. One of these requirements is you must graduate high school and get a diploma while maintaining no lower than a C average. Three different routes you can take to become a registered nurse include a two-year associate degree program, a three-year diploma program, or a four-year bachelor’s degree program (Wischnitzer 156). These educational requirements prove that registered nurses must be determined to know everything they would need to know and that they must be able to use their knowledge, not just their common sense. Durant High School has multiple classes and organizations to help prepare a student wishing to go into th...

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...ost common in a hospital setting, but they are actually all around in different places helping to care for patients. Florence Nightingale helped to spark the interest in 1854 when she went to an army camp in Turkey to help clean hospital equipment with a group of 38 other volunteer nurses (Bradford). Becoming a registered nurse requires a lot of hard work, studying, and schooling. There are different paths to take to get your certification, including associate programs, diploma programs at hospitals, and bachelor’s degree programs (Wischnitzer 156). Although the path to become a nurse is often long and demanding, it comes with many rewards, such as multiple different insurance plans and retirement benefits (“Registered Nurse Benefits”). After learning all of this information about registered nurses, I am more interested and determined than ever to pursue this career!
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