Registered Nurse Position: A Case Study

explanatory Essay
369 words
369 words

I am responding to your available Registered Nurse position, and I would like to express my interest in pursuing my nursing career in your facility. Please consider this letter and my enclosed résumé as my application for this position; these documents outline my professional experience and personal attributes. I am eager to utilize my clinical and leadership skills towards assisting your company achieve its patient satisfaction goals, while ensuring procedural compliance and safe, quality patient care. I provide strong knowledge and dedication needed to work in a challenging work environment. While attending University of Houston College of Nursing, I acquired strong knowledge of practice standards and evidence-based nursing interventions.

In this essay, the author

  • Expresses their interest in pursuing a nursing career in their facility. the letter and résumé outline their professional experience and personal attributes. they are eager to utilize their clinical and leadership skills to assist your company.
  • Explains that they acquired strong knowledge of practice standards and evidence-based nursing interventions while attending the university of houston college of nursing. their clinical aptitude was reinforced throughout their clinical rotation experience at various locations.
  • Explains that their professional experience in high-level education allowed them to gain valuable and effective communication skills. they will accurately identify and resolve conflicts, while maintaining professionalism, ethics, and patient confidentiality.
  • Opines that their achievements qualify them for this registered nurse position, and they look forward to discussing their contributions in further detail.
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