Registered Nurse Essay

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“With loyalty I will endeavor to aid the physician and his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care”, this is but one passage from the nurse’s pledge. It is amazing how such a small phrase can hold so much meaning. A nurse is one who dedicates her time and life to the service of others. One who cares for the sick and infirm. Originally, nurses were nurses, but this day and age nurses are viewed as either Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses. Often the Licensed Practical Nurse is looked down upon and viewed as being below the Registered Nurse in skills and knowledge. More often then not, the License Practical Nurse takes on a larger load of work than the Registered Nurse. Licensed Practical Nurses are overlooked,…show more content…
They were stationed at a hospital in Turkey. Upon arriving, Nightingale immediately noted that the conditions on the hospital were unfit to care for anyone. She and her volunteers began cleaning and organizing the hospital. Providing the soldiers with proper meals, hydration and hygiene care. The work that Nightingale and the volunteers did was one of the first steps in improving healthcare. Their work not only lead to many changes in hospital care, it also sparked a great interest in the field of nursing among others. After her work in the Crimean Ware, Florence Nightingale proposed a detailed report to the Royal Commissions in regards to the healthcare of the army. This proposal later helped with her success in developing the nursing field (When did Nursing…show more content…
For example, in a hospital setting, in the state of Arkansas, there are very limited things the Licensed Practical Nurse cannot legally do. The Registered Nurse cannot delegate the initiation of a blood transfusion to the Licensed Practical Nurse. The Licensed Practical Nurse can monitor the patient and provided all other needed care for the blood recipient after the initial hanging of the blood and first fifteen minutes are over. The Licensed Practical Nurse follows the patient throughout the entire unit or units of blood given and during the aftercare. Another task the Registered Nurse cannot delegate is performing an interosseous access during emergency care. Licensed Practical Nurses can administer medications through the interosseous access but it is stated that it is “out of their scope of practice” to initiate the access, even though they are trained to do so during the Advanced Cardiac Life Support classes they are required to take. In the state of Arkansas these are the only two tasks a Licensed Practical Nurse cannot perform. The Registered Nurse, as well as the Licensed Practical Nurse, can administer narcotics through the intravenous access, perform assessments on patients, charge over staff with an equal of less title than they hold, assist with activities of daily living, work a code, communicate with the physician and take orders and educate
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