Registered Nurse As A Nursing Career

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Many people have a difficult time making a career choice. Some people enjoy being outside working, while others love to be inside sitting behind a desk or behind a counter. One career that interests me the most is nursing. The particular field of nursing that I am interested in is a registered nurse. There are four important factors to consider when going into the field of nursing: job requirements, level of pay, education, and job availability. One thing to consider when choosing to be a registered nurse as a career is the job requirement. There are many different fields in nursing for example: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Care Manager, and a Clinical Nurse Specialist and the list go on. Each one of these specialists has education and certification requirements and a related professional network and organization. Research shows that a registered nurses job requirement is to provide care to the injured, ill, disabled patients, or convalescent. Registered nurses also have to maintain medical records, manage and develop nursing care ...
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