Registered Nurse: A Career: Taking Care Of Nursing

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Becca had been stuck at the hospital for three days now and today was finally the day she 'll be be able to go back home. Her nurse had walked in the room and gave Becca 's mom all the paperwork and described to both Becca and her mom what they can do to improve Becca 's recovery. Afterwards Becca gave her nurse a hug and thanked her for taking care of her for the last couple of days. Nursing can be and is a hard job to do from taking care of patients all day to having to remember everything they have learned. Nurses help people recover from illness or injuries, more importantly, to pursue this career, it is necessary to understand the educational requirements, job responsibilities, job advancements, and job security.…show more content…
Registered nurse (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patient and the public various health conditions, and give advice and emotional support to the patient and their family members”(U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). Registered Nurse care for the patient, and inform them about their injuries/illness. They give them advice to help them during their recovery. An RN must take care of the patient by giving them what they need medically,physically, and emotionally. An RN should comfort the patient and their family members as well. “Registered Nurse 's duties and titles often depend where they work and the patients they work with”(U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). Depending on the department the nurse works in usually depends on what they 'll be doing. In the hospital setting there is different departments. For example, in the ER they 'll have to react fast to the situation and get what the patient will need. Or for the department where babies are born, they 'll have to help with labor and delivery; and help the mother with recovery. Being a nurse comes with numerous amounts of responsibility that include caring for a patient and helping them get back to normal. Also depending on the department they are working for will reflect on the type of work they will be doing. Although nurses have many duties caring for a patient, by showing great…show more content…
A nurse will be able to promoted in their department by showing excellent nursing skills and having an better education. A nurse attending to their patients, showing great responsibility, and or leadership skill will help someone be promoted. By a nurse also working in the nursing field a while or having their BSN can help them be promoted. “Administrative positions require leadership, communications skills, negotiation skills, good judgement”(U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics).Someone who shows characteristics of being a good leader, are able to talk to the patient 's, and working well with the patients and other coworkers can also cause someone to be promoted. By showing good leadership skills a nurse can improve their chances of getting promoted because it shows that they are capable of leading a crew and it sets an example of how things should be done. A nurse can be promoted by having excellent nursing skills and better education, therefore nurses do not have to worry about staying in the same position or losing their job because job security is strong for a
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