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A registered nurse, also referred to as a RN, is a nurse that provides patient care and educates patients and the public about different health conditions and gives advice and emotional support to patients and their family members (USBL). The majority of registered nurse’s I see and hear of today work as staff nurses in hospitals, as I would like to be a RN at WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh NC. I have chosen this career because I have always enjoyed helping those in need and when my parents get older, I want to be able to care for them properly. A nurse’s job can and will be very difficult come days, and other days may be simple. Me being a nurse, I would want patients who can be cooperative and understanding that I will have more than one patient …show more content…

I didn’t know that it was the nurse who came up with the patient’s healthcare plan (USBL). I always thought the nurse would pass the patient’s charts over to the doctor or may even a surgeon, if surgery was needed. After the chart was passed to someone higher positioned than the RN, I thought maybe the whole team of the patient’s nurses and that doctor would come up with a care plan. According to Jacksonville University, registered nurses with advanced education are allowed to diagnose patients (Jacksonville University). I assumed you would have to be educated to be able to diagnose patients but I never realized you had to take like advanced classes to be able to do this. I just basically assumed it would already be taught in the regular nursing program. However, after thinking about this situation, it does make sense to me that the nurses would need to take an advanced class because if they didn’t have to take another class, every registered nurse that is employed, would be able to diagnose their …show more content…

There are different education paths you can take depending on whether you get a diploma from an approved nursing program, you’re getting an associate’s degree in nursing (AND), or a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) (USBL). Only certain high schools, trade colleges, and professional schools offer a diploma certificate (DifferenceBetween). I do know that to get an associate’s degree it usually takes about two years and to get a bachelor’s of science degree, it takes about four years. There are many courses that have to be taken in the programs. Some of the ones I didn’t know were required is chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, and sciences in liberal arts (USBL). However, I do know you had to take physiology, psychology, anatomy, and behavioral sciences like sociology. These classes are required along with your clinical hours in the

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they had no idea that the nurse came up with the patient's healthcare plan. they assumed they would have to take advanced classes to diagnose patients.
  • Explains the negative aspects of a nurse's job, such as over-checking orders and hours, and stress. they explain that the work day isn't based off of their time, but on the patient’s body.
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