Regenerating London Docklands

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Regenerating London Docklands

We know that the London docklands are located, near the CBD (central

business district) by the river themes. Its in the bough of "tower


The area covers app: 16sq miles. London has been an important trading

route since Roman times. Because England is an island lots of items,

such as

Raw materials used to be imported by sea to Britain (before the age of

planes) I will talk more about the industrial revolution in the next

few pages, and how it affected the London docklands. Some areas that

are now a part of the London docklands used to be un-used marsh land,

and was drained, so the docks could be built on it. Houses for the

workers was also set up for the worker. Many docks were names/build

after the places where the ships came from, eg: east India. Some of

the docks were also named after members of the royal family. Eg: Queen

Victoria docks.

When did the London docks first develop?

The docks was regarded as the Heart of East London Economy.


Cities quickly grew around the docks, because industry and warehouses

were build around the docks to store and manufacture the goods eg: raw

materials that came from the English empire. Britain became one of the

worlds biggest export country, in manufactured goods, due to the

industrial revolution. These factories required workers, which

attracted many immigrants from all over the country. This created

areas of crowded and low class housing, for the workers to live in.

These housing did not have hot water or indoor toilets, because they

were build quickly. Good transport links was made, because it was

critical for the goods from the docks to be transported all over the

country. The workers in the area depended on the docks and dockland

work, eg: loading crates. The docklands was mostly a working class

area. Work was very hard and low paid. Due to cramped housing,

(picture below) many workers would live very near to the people they
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