Refugee Crisis And Mass Migration

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Mujahid Khan Refugee Crisis and Mass Migration Refugees! Refugees! Refugees! Is this the only word that is echoing in our ears nowadays? Whenever we hear the word refugee we think of immigrants. We don’t have that much respect to call them innocent people, rather we deride them as migrants. Are they not human beings? That’s the simple fact we have forgotten, as today we have too many rights but not enough responsibilities. Many people think that immigrants bring trouble, but in reality they bring hope; hope for a better future, better lifestyle, better housing, better education and most important one to stay out of unjustified prosecution. All mankind needs protection and safety and look for better, suitable and peaceful environment to live in. Since time immemorial, human beings have been struggling to adapt to the habitat where their lives and fundamental rights are protected and reassured. But what are the reason of mass migration and refugee crisis? Are we the problem to it? History of the world is full of political warfare and for this very reason many people have been seen fleeing from their homeland and arriving in a strange country in order to avoid the risk to their lives and unjustified prosecution. The world has seen this situation on a massive scale during and after the Second World War when millions of families migrated to the safer regions of the globe. Similarly, we saw the same situation when decolonization started during the mid 20th century. During that era, due to the political instability and internal strife the people in large scale started to escape from the poor countries of Asia and Africa to the ones who ruled over them in the past. This process went on even during and after the cold war. The de... ... middle of paper ... ...some of the countries of Europe have been fiercely criticized by human rights activists and UNO while using force in stopping the influx of refugees. Instead, we should eradicate the reasons and causes, why people have to leave their homes, families and valuables and put their lives in dangers. It 's still the time that wealthy, prosperous and influential nations generously extend their full support to all those who are in need. They should spend their resources for the uplift of deprived nations, strengthening the legal rulers and system of governance and provide them assistance and support to get quality life. Our hopes are still alive and we look forward to The United Nation to speed up its efforts and play a pivotal role to ensure peace and stability across the globe and this is the only means to resolve the refugee crisis and control mass migration.
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