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Most individuals that enter into military service reflect positively of the time and work they invested in for the number of years they enlist for. I personally look at the past very differently, I am not one to bash former employment because if I were to employ anyone I would hope for the same but I give credit where credit it due since I was expected to learn my job, teach when I can of my occupation and grow as an individual. After my first year of service I felt that a lifelong Army career was not going to be where I wanted to end up in the long run because I felt like I had no sense of accomplishment proud enough and call my own. I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about 3D design and applications to gaming because it was always something I had an interest in growing up and I will talk about the subject of design for longs periods of time when given the chance. For three years of active duty service I would always carry the idea in the back of my head that I would have to just deal with the next couple of years as best I could but be sure that I did my job in the military as my units communication manager as well as on the ground operator to the best of my ability.
The majority of people I had met during my time did not understand why I wanted to leave my occupation in military service for one in the entertainment industry, since military pay was enough to deal with the bills that I had, having job security and I also knew to accept the fact that between the three years of my enlistment I was more than likely to deploy with this unit. The majority of the time while in the unit stateside I made it a usual schedule that right after work I was doing something on my computer either with modeling in 3D or animation a...

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...years I have two emotions that always affect me, the first being a feeling of anger for not doing my research and making a pour decision to work a job I did not enjoy for four years. However my other feeling is of some accomplishment being that I grew up a lot and to take the time to sit down and teach myself the programs needed in 3D design, it does take self-managing but also some discipline to sit down in my own time into it. Leaving the military I was one of the very few people that still saved my money from deployment so I could have a buffer to avoid money issues while starting this new life. This time around to fill the void of self-accomplishment that I have had for too long, I plan to tackle future issues head on while looking back on events that I had lived thru during my deployment of 2012 and knowing it won’t be like having a pack of wild dogs following.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that most individuals who enter into military service reflect positively of the time and work they invested in for the number of years they enlist for.
  • Explains that the majority of people they met did not understand why they wanted to leave their occupation in military service for one in the entertainment industry.
  • Describes how their unit, the 82nd airborne, was to deploy to afghanistan in february 2012. the mission tested everyone's mettle, not just physical endurance but how well they knew how to operate their equipment and keep each other going.
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