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In the beginning of this semester, I signed up for English composition 1 with the expectation that I was going to ace it, because I had done well in my AP literature class which I took 4 months before the semester. I was always taught to have a great idea and to build upon, but the very basics of writing an essay-its unity, coherence and fluidity were thrown out of the window-was never thought. After receiving a strong scrutiny on my sentence structure and grammar for my first paper, I quickly realized that although I could write good 200 word paper. I lacked the grammatical skills; the patience, the interest and the raw talent to create a college level essay. My focus was completely shifted from getting the best possible grade in the class to improving my identity as a writer; regardless of whatever grade I got, I was willing to bear with it. Constructing an essay is like building a good house; it takes time and patience. My portfolio is a display our how much I have
Our first essay required us to write a descriptive summary of a day or an event in our life and it had to be reflective in some way; it was a great foundation for building our skill as writers. So I tried to find a unique topic to focus my thesis around but I lacked refinement because I failed to unify the structure of my sentences. Although I had decided to focus my essay around fatigue, I still found myself creating useless and undescriptive sentences such as “it was a great day, the sky was blue”. Before I started this class, such sentences would suffice as a descriptive sentence, although it is completely seperate from the main thesis. I have learned that a foundation of a good essay is built around a great thesis, because a thesis determined the structure-the ...

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... first I couldn’t recognized the difference between a final draft, and a finished paper. A finished paper is supposed to free from minor mistake; I had comma splice everywhere, even although I revised my paper, it still wasn’t doing enough proof reading. Although I got an 80 on essay 4, I was glad that it was a great distinction between a b and a d paper.
The construction of my house was a difficult, painful, but I had to learn to be willing to pick up a brick one by one, making sure that the foundation is secure from the bottom to the top. Sometimes, I had to destroy the house and start all over but reflecting on my many failures in creating this house; it was a bit depressing, yet fulfilling knowing that I have achieved success through my repeated failures. Luckily, I had a teacher who was willing to teach me and many other the very basic of construct their house.