Reflective Teaching Essay

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Imagine an architect designing a mansion and an engineer building a dream home. If the architect and engineer did not set strong foundations in place, the structure will be unstable, unworthy to realize its functions, worse, it may collapsed to the ground. The same is true for empowering learners to be holistic citizens – the stronger the foundations, the better that they will be able to reach the fullest extent of their potentials. If an educator does not have the foundational skills mastered, the more advanced practices suffer as a result. Research has shown that teacher expertise is one of the most important factors that influence student growth and achievement. When examining effective teachers, the essential characteristics, which serve as foundations for effective teaching fall into three categories namely; knowledge, skills and…show more content…
As a consequence, reflection about one’s experiences is a cornerstone of professional competence – a process of self observation and self-evaluation. (York‐Barr, Sommers, Ghere and Montie. 2006) By collecting information about what goes on in the classroom and by analyzing and evaluating this information, we identify and explore our own practices and underlying beliefs, which then leads to changes and improvement in our teaching. Reflective teaching is therefore a means of professional development that gives us the overview of the certain things we do in the classroom, why we do it and if it works. Furthermore, reflective teaching is not a linear but a cyclical process that once we start to implement changes, then the reflective and evaluative cycle begins again. (Tice, J. 2004) Fuller, A. and Pearson. 2011. The Teacher as a Decision Maker. Retrieved from Shulman, L. S. 1986. Those Who Understand: Knowledge Growth in Teaching. American Educational Research
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