Reflective Project Management Plan

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In the business case, the project team assured that the current business environment, shortfalls in the service and finally the desired end state from business perspective are accurate. This helped us to define the performance indicators for the new project that served us in the functional verification of the project during the implementation phase. These details were captured into the Project Management Plan (PMP) to execute, monitor and control the project.

To deliver the project successfully on budget and on time, my team used Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool to control project data and process, defining and tracking program deliverables and resource management against the budget. The PLM tool also increased my visibility and control
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This involved motivating, inspiring and coaching people to take responsibility and accountability for the areas they are charged with in meeting stakeholder’s requirements. This helped in carrying out the project management plan. My communication skill enabled me to getting connected with both internal and external team members to discuss upon project vision, assign daily tasks, and negotiate project scope and contracts. At an organisational it was very effective in decision making process. Taking into account of my diversified audience with different background and skills, the right communication channel was established to reach them through reports, briefs, face to face meeting, presentation, emails…show more content…
To solve the problem, I followed a structured problem solving process developed by the team to analyse the impact of the change on the project and to minimise disruption on the deliverables. From the available facts, information or data I first developed a thorough understanding of the actual problem to define the root cause of the problem. For example, in the case of change in the stakeholder requirements, I look at the gap between where you are now and where you want to be to address the problem cause impacting the PMP due to the change. With a clear purpose the project team assembled for a problem solving meeting to solve the problem with a right solution by systematically analysing the cause-effect relation. Team activities involved brainstorming and mind mapping techniques that explored all options and alternatives. The best options were chosen after a trade-off analysis of the potential options in addressing the chosen critical criteria for the best practical problem resolution. The decision making process does take into account of the impact on scope, schedule and cost. An action plan is put forward to implement the solution. Verification is done to assure the gap in the stakeholder requirement is addressed and does not create any new additional problems or issues. The PMP was
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