Reflective Essay: Reducing Student Loan Debt

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Especially now that I’m in college, I always like planning ahead, and I can’t help but worry about when the time comes when I”m going to need to take out student loans, especially when I go to graduate school. This had me come up with the idea to write a solution about reducing student loan debt. I know that taking out student loans is a necessity, especially seeing how expensive degrees are, so I wanted to focus on how it could be payed back regarding the different circumstances of college graduates. I realized that since I am working for my degree in order to obtain a job in the first place, it only makes sense for the company I will be working for to also be my partner to help me pay for my student loan debt with a repayment assistance tax-policy program. As I accumulating my research information, I found a lot for sources about student loan debt, from the causes to the effects. I knew I had to establish and start my essay with a captivating…show more content…
I understood the importance of having print-based sources, like journals and articles. Because they are credible sources, they give me more assurance and confidence in my writing abilities. I also had an easier time rephrasing any ideas I wanted to apply in my writing and using quotes correctly. As I was writing this essay, I saw progress in my writing skills. Writing more papers allowed me to practice more on my writing, and finishing with my final product with this essay showed me that I was more aware of the styles, techniques, and methods of writing. Practicing with my writing definitely made my knowledge of these essentials skills installed in my long-term
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