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A few years ago I would have never seen myself participating in a worship band, whether it was for school, church, or eventually college. Now looking back, I can’t see myself doing anything else and I can’t imagine what I would be doing instead. Through the process of learning how to play drums and play for a worship band, I have learned to have more confidence, to be a team player and care for my teammates, and lastly I have learned how to praise God and lead others in worship. About four years ago my mother had convinced me to start taking drums lessons simply for fun or to eventually play in the school’s worship band. I took a few lessons and decided that I wanted nothing to do with the instrument. My mother convinced me to finish the…show more content…
I have dealt with team members who believe they are the only one who could ever lead a group and believe their direction is God’s gift to the world and I have dealt with teams who no one wanted to step up and be a leader. This past year I worked as a team leader with one other student for my school’s worship band. We planned chapels, coordinated and created them, we picked the band each week and led the band as well. I learned quickly that when I lead, I lead from behind. I prefer to get things done, quick and to the point and I don’t like to be the center of attention. I have learned through worship band how to accept different leadership styles as well as how to work with difficult musicians and swaying…show more content…
In the same way how I play is also a reflection to my faith relationship with Christ. I have had plenty of chapels and church services where I was too caught up in the music and perfection of it to worship God. But, I have had plenty of services where I feel God working through the music to change my heart. Something I have learned through working on a worship band is how the glory of God works. We may be the best band playing that Sunday and our skills can only go so far, the true reason we play is to praise God with our gifts that He has given us. The congregation isn 't going to feel spiritually uplifted whether we play perfect or not, it may help, but God works on their hearts through the lyrics of the song and through the message, we just enhance

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