Reflective Essay On World View

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My World View would be a looking glass of the kaleidoscope about truths and half-truths in life. I believe everyone has a time and a place for their life events. It reverts back to the old saying” everything happens for a reason”. Everything that has happened to me, was for some unforeseen reason that a higher power deemed fitting for me to experience. It is like a main thoroughfare, it may have divergent of avenues, but comes right back to the “main” road. Thus, leads to the reason I believe theologically way of thinking is because I come from a long line of women that have witnessed the deja’vu effects. My lineage covers a Scotch, Irish, Dutch/Whales descendants. The women would have dreams or deja’vu moments of any type of events. As well as, foreseeing events or huge over whelming feelings on something. I have experience all the above. I have dreamt all my children’s births and my sibling’s children. Moreover, I have had a deja’vu fight with my (ex) spouse. It would make me think about how to change the course of the argument. At that horrid time, March 17, 2010, I dreamt that I was standing in my yard, looking at my own death, I was looking at me hanging in a tree. It was a sign to leave, he was killing me. Kind of like an omen. I dreamt of death before this time. It was about someone…show more content…
They are not. I believe I am optimistic with objectivity on life of my World Views. Even though, I have been placed on this path, the one that gives my identity of who I am and what makes me. I am still happy go lucky kind of attitude. I try not to let the negative attributes disrupt my path in life. I just learn from other people’s mistakes and my own to grow more than they will ever. This has shaped my way of thinking. When I am faced with a situation, I try to look at every aspect and possible solutions. I have ponder on it for a while before I make my final decision. This way I know that I made the best
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