Reflective Essay On Spiritual Life

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People have never asked me what my spiritual life story is, but for as long as I can remember it’s what I always knew. Spiritually, I know what I believe and my views on certain topics, but I know I could grow a lot. As long as I can remember, I went to church every Sunday for the past eighteen years. Out of the eighteen years I went to Church, fifteen of them was with the Presbyterian church and three years were with the Solid Rock Church. I was a church baby which means I grew up going to church every Sunday no matter the circumstances because that is what my family did. My Parents’ told me what they believed and taught me about what I should believe. They told me where their beliefs arose from and how the word of God is in the Holy Bible. But as a family, we didn’t sit down and read scripture or randomly pray, it just wasn’t something we did. As I grew up, I knew going to church and…show more content…
Sunday school really impacted my life by showing me what I was missing out on and that you can always learn new things. Around my freshman year in high school, I decided to get baptized and confirmed into the church which was a big step in my spiritual life. Being baptized and confirmed into the church was scary because you have this sense that you have to be better and always succeed. At the age of 15, I decided to take God into my life and continue to learn what he has to offer. Confirmation classes went for about a year as we studied the bibles and certain scriptures to prepare us for our test. I’m terrible at taking tests so I was extremely nervous, but I passed and was able to be a true member of the church. One day during our church service, I was baptized and confirmed along with three other people. It was so nice to feel the presence of God, knowing that he had his hands on me for the rest of my life. God has guided me in a variety of right directions because he has a plan for
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