Reflective Essay On Special Education

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There is no physical disability attached to a person, rather it is the environment that restricts the mobility of a person from achieving the necessary quality of life to succeed. I was having a discussion with a neighbor of mine who lives two floors below my apartment and while talking to her she mentioned to me how her child attends the same school I work at as a paraprofessional. For knowing that I work at the school, she requested me to answer a few questions about the academic of her child. The following day I asked the administration about the child and to my amazement I found out that the student receives special education services in the middle school building. The child has ADHD, but it is not noticeable. The student is also in sixth grade and has loving parent that do weekly follow ups to determine if he is progressing to his IEP goals. Therefore with such supportive parents and great teacher to support him, I could easily predict that the…show more content…
The mother is the one to plan out the activities, homework time, free time, and family time throughout the week. Although its time consuming, it is a necessity for the success of their child. The father is the one to implement those plans to throughout the week. Although it sometimes is a difficult task to achieve, the mother is there as an extra person for assistance. Finally, the child simply has to be there to do the tasks and have fun doing it with both parents. I find it very crucial that both parents are there to enforce the goals to be completed. However, the child is given the independent of where to complete homework’s or other activates. He can choose to do it at the library, home, or at the park. Even choosing when to take breaks and for how long are choices that are given, food options and movie options are also included in the weekly plans. This sense of independence is a key support in developing the child in to a young adult in his future high school
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