Reflective Essay On Self Reflection

Oscar De La Hoya once stated, “There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business” (Hoya). My writing skills continue to improve, and I learn something new each day. Self-reflection is a humbling process that one must endure in order to grow. As my freshman literature and composition course begins to wrap, I am in awe of the amelioration I have made. I have surpassed my goals and am dreaming of what will be possible next year. This semester, I have learned how to connect with the author’s emotions and intentions, which resulted in a deeper understanding of writing. While looking back at my previous compositions, I realized how far I have traveled and caught a glimpse of the bright future ahead of me. I know my writing will never achieve…show more content…
When I read my writing activities from fourth and fifth grade, I was baffled by how much I and my writing have matured. The increased quality of my work and my expanded vocabulary have greatly contributed to my growth. I have also harbored a strong desire to improve and paired it with hard work. My writing has become less creative, but more sophisticated and advanced because of my aspiration to grow. As I get older and proceed through school, my assignments require strenuous details that rank them on a higher level. I have grown as a writer because I have worked hard to improve each day.
All in all, I am discovering my strengths and weaknesses, I am learning, and most importantly, I am growing. By discovering my strengths and weaknesses, I am identifying where I need to improve in my writing in order to become a successful author. Over time, I have learned all the components to composing a five-star essay, but truthfully, I have learned who I am. I have grown into a prosperous writer because of my hard work and dedication to improvement. Self-reflecting on my writing is the key to help my unlock the doors of the
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