Reflective Essay On Reading And Writing

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All through my life, there have been a great deal of experiences that have helped me enhance my methods of reading and writing. In all my past years, I have always done well in school. Like every class, I paid attention in English. I did not struggle often; however, there were a few times when I needed assistance. From receiving this aid, it motivated me to pay even more attention and to improve my reading and writing. Most of the motivation and support came from a teacher. In addition to this teacher, there were friends who helped inspire me to work more efficiently. These significant people influenced my reading and writing skills through various different actions. Throughout the course of my education, thus far, all my teachers have been wonderful. However, there was one teacher that had a further immense impact on my writing and reading style. This teacher’s name was Mr. Zollman. I did not have Mr. Zollman until I was a junior in high school; therefore, my writing and reading skills were not examined until I was placed into his class. During this course, I was able to develop strength and growth through Mr. Zollman’s class English 11 Honors. Mr. Zollman would give his students an article or short story to read. He would require the class to take…show more content…
There are many events that can influence people to do better in life. Mr. Zollman’s class, my friend, and a family member were three major people and events that affected me and made me want to improve my reading and writing skills. I am extremely grateful for being able to experience these situations with the people I did. All three of these people have made great impressions through their patience. Their actions influenced my reading and writings skills greatly and has made my own writer’s voice more unique. My reading and writing skills advanced significantly from their actions and outstanding

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