Reflective Essay On Practicum Experience

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Although, the main goal of my practicum experience was to administer, interpret, and evaluate students my experience was not limited. From the first day of practicum, my supervisors offered me the opportunity to invest as much or as little time to practicum, and although my schedule was tight for the semester I decided to go above practicum expectations. I decided to allocate two days to practicum to ensure that I appropriately had time to complete all aspects of practicum. I was able to attend a Q-Interactive iPad Training with SCCPSS School Psychologists, the Georgia Association for School Psychologist Conference 2016, attend RTi meetings, parent request meetings, and attend regular scheduled meetings with my supervisors team. The team consisted…show more content…
Prior to practicum I learned how to write a psychoeducational report during the report writing course. However, I left the course confused. I was confused because I did not understand how to apply the information I learned in a course, pertaining typically developing students, to a student with an actual disability. The entire process was foreign. I was unsure of myself, yet I knew I had to complete the task. Therefore, I opened up my previous reports and tried to mimic the language and interpretations of the assessment results. I worked through the night and I was able to complete the report in two days. I was extremely proud of myself, until I received my first session of feedback with both of my supervisors. My report was ripped to shreds. My supervisors gave me more feedback than I could handle. I was embarrassed because I felt inadequate but my supervisors reassured me that with time writing the reports would become easier. Presently I still have a few issues with the way I construct my reports, however, my supervisor applauded me that my psychoeducational reports have gotten stronger.

Overall my practicum experience has been the best portion of the School Psychology program, in my opinion. It has given me a better idea of the daily duties of a School Psychologist and it has truly allowed me to appreciate the decision I have made. Many times throughout the program
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