Reflective Essay On Physical Education

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Education plays a huge role in our society. It is important to realize that education plays an important role in the way kids and teenagers think and act. Kids and teenagers, even college students are the future leaders of our country therefore, it is important to help educate students and get them ready for adulthood. Educating students also helps teach responsibility, time management, teamwork, and even good habits. As a physical education major, it is important to teach students to live a healthy lifestyle. Some students, that I have noticed from the schools that I have visited, only get physical activity at school. So therefore, it is important to show kids that physical activity can be fun and enjoyable. Those same students also do not know the importance of eating healthy as well. Even though physical education…show more content…
Teaching is giving ideas or principles to someone to help them live a successful life. If we were not taught the difference between right or wrong we would not be where we are today. Teaching gives us principles and higher standards to live up to. Teaching is not just giving students or others information and then testing them on it. Teaching is inspiring and giving students hope and a chance to grow into who they really want to be. Teaching is also molding and building a relationship with the students so they know to be confident in themselves. Learning is in my opinion the opposite of teaching. Even though with both you have to have an open mind, learning is always wanting to know more. Asking questions and exploring is learning. Anything that interests someone and makes him or her want to discover more about a certain topic is learning. Those are also examples as to how students are able to learn. A teacher knows that a student has learned when they can either hold a discussion about a certain topic or when they test the student and the student is able to do well on

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