Reflective Essay On Personality

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Understanding the uniqueness and differences in personality is an important part of communicating with others. Understanding my own personality is even more important. The purpose of this paper is to provide a clear definition of my personality traits and how they affect me personally and how this knowledge can benefit me professionally. The defining of my personality traits in this paper is done through the observation and study of the Meyers-Briggs / Jung Typology Test. I will explain and define the result of this test, along with the application of its knowledge. Needs work Organizational Behavior and Personality Perspective Review Needs work on the use of headings-it makes it much easier to follow and determine which concept you are…show more content…
However, this changed with a better understanding in how awareness of personality type enter-twines with communication and how we interact with others. This specific study provides four different character traits that describe my personality which I will include with my “Christian World View”. After taking the test online (which was put together by a psychological study done by Carl G. Jung), I was provided a four letter code (ESFJ) which represents the different aspects of my personality broken down. My test code provided that I am Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging which is collectively described as a “Guardian” ("Functional Analysis Of The ESFJ"). "Good introductory paragraph Extraverted1 The first letter in my personality “type” is for the descriptor “Extraverted”. This shows to be a very large part of my personality. I can attest to the fact that I am very outgoing and do enjoy being the center of attention. This has allowed me to be comfortably assertive when I am needing to be with clients and coworkers but has a shadow side that has often backfired at times when I should just be quiet and keep my mouth shut.
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