Reflective Essay On My Diet

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Being aware of what you put into your body is the main way to which someone stays healthy. I will be discussing my carbohydrate, lipids and proteins as well as comparing them to the guidelines and discussing what I’ve learned about my own personal diet and physical activity and how I can change my diet with behavior modifying strategies which could reduce my risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. When comparing my carbohydrate intake it exceeds the recommended daily allowance of 45% to 65% of my total calories. The first guideline for carbohydrates is to limit the consumption of refined grains which I need to do because I ingest more refined grains than I should. The second guideline is increase vegetable and fruit intake which…show more content…
The most I need to increase in my daily diet is dietary fiber because I only time I eat anything high in fiber is during breakfast. My lipids intake more than the RDA of 20% to 35% and the first guideline is to consume less than 10% of calories from saturated fatty acids by replacing them with poly and monounsaturated fatty acids which I need…show more content…
I also need to cut back on my intake of lipids and also substitute some meats and poultry with seafood other than tuna. As for my personal physical activity I need to increase muscular training. My personal diet puts me at a higher risk of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease because of my low intake of vegetables, fruits and whole grain foods. My physical activity behaviors are good because I exercise on a consistent basis which decreases my chance of getting cardiovascular disease. One way to change my diet is with behavior modifying strategies. Some behavior modifying strategies which can assist with change are mindful eating, chain-breaking, stimulus control and cognitive reconstructing. I could use mindful eating by being aware of what I am putting into my body and control my calorie intake. Chain-breaking will help by helping me break from eating a snack while watching a movie or television show. Stimulus control will help with eating healthier foods instead of foods that contain more fats which I could do by buying healthier foods and stop buying foods like pizza and hot dogs. Cognitive reconstructing will help me by telling myself not to drink after a long day or after a stressful exam, but instead do something healthier such as go to the gym or pool after a long and stressful day or maybe go for a walk to help me
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