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Prompt: The mission of Harvard College is to educate our students to be citizens and citizen-leaders for society. What would you do to contribute to the lives of your classmates in advancing this mission?

Self-Defined Potential
Too many people fear the potential of incompetence. We fear the shame and daunting thoughts of failure as inevitable, and too many times we refuse to move the world out of fear of being wrong, of public humiliation by trying something too large for ourselves. Society”oppresses” us, enforcing the belief that we are unworthy of opportunities, of success. And I fear, many believed it.
I advocate for “ “ motivation to do greatness, self promotion. Once we help ourselves, once we believe in ourselves, we can help society
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Being two different girls from two different places in the world, Malala and I are oppressed by the same cultural belief that devalues women, that forbids our social improvement. Before I discovered Malala, I was angry at the world: a world where female infanticide exists, where people believe women should not have an education or a right to participate in their society, where fathers would deem their children worthless on the account of their genders. When I read Malala’s story, I knew I wasn’t the only person affected by the cultural oppression in the world. But while I drowned in hatred and self-pity, Malala took a stance. Standing up against the very people who oppressed her, she made a statement that shook the world. Women will not accept the cultural oppression, we will stand up and fight for our rights, we will stand up to define who we are as individuals and not what society…show more content…
Regardless of our predispositions, regardless of our current situations and backgrounds, we are all worthy of the opportunities we seek. That inviolability is crucial to the fulfillment of life’s purpose and value as well as to the amelioration of the world. We see discrimination against individuals who differ from mainstream ideals as society doesn’t acknowledge the uniqueness in the differences between patterns of molecules put together to create the individuals. The time has come, when unjustified unfairness towards incalculable individuals must end to better society; a dream emerges from the precious world to end the discrimination based on how the particles of matter created the individual. Our day of compassion, to break through objective discriminations built by subjective opinions, comes closer to act. Finally, the citizens of the world would come to notice and to acknowledge the creation and potential of personal individuality. Who, then, would rightfully allow people to downgrade others and devalue their dreams when individuals, of any gender or race or ascribed statuses, have light in their future to fulfill essentially

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