Reflective Essay On Lifetime Goals

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Lifetime Goals I have many goals that I dream of meeting during this lifetime. Each goal is special to me in different ways. I dream of graduating college, receiving my degree in Elementary education, making a difference in the lives of my students, starting a family, and publishing my first novel. These goals can be divided in three separate categories: educational goals, personal goals, and goals that make a difference. Graduating college and receiving my degree in education are both goals with an education in mind. Educational goals are a must in order for one to succeed to the furthest. How will I ever become a teacher if I do not first attend school? Not only is it important for me to attend school, but also for me to do my best. Educational goals will challenge me to do my best no matter how difficult it may be. They will also equip me with the things needed later in my life- the things needed in order to reach my other goals. There will be moments filled with exhaustion, and the temptation to quit, but if I endure to the end I know my reward will be great. Another category of goals would be personal goals. Getting married, starting a family, and publishing my first novel would all be considered personal goals.…show more content…
Unlike my personal goals, and educational goals, these goals are not intended to serve me, but instead serve others around me. I dream of one day making a difference as I teach the young children in my class. I wish to someday plant a desire to go out and help make the world a better place. I hope that one day I am able to make each of my students feel wanted and needed in this world, as well as teach them as much as I can. Goals that make a difference are not intended for self glory or succession later on, but instead to encourage future generations to take a stand for what is right and be a light to the

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