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Over the last thirteen years I have worked under a leader who would be classified as having a shared leadership style, where a team is created, decisions are made, and then delegation takes place. Rarely is the topic revisited unless new information is gained, or other factors contribute to the team needing to come back together to reevaluate their position on the matter. I have grown to respect this type of leadership especially the aspect of being able to work independently and being trusted on my level of experience in a particular subject matter. Within the last two years, I have noticed a shift in my thinking regarding leadership styles when the dynamics of a group changes. The Situational Leadership and Power Perception Instrument confirmed my mind shift.
Participating and Selling are my strongest leadership style according to the Situational Leadership and
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For example, I work closely with the Title I Resource Teacher; she is new to the school and consistently seeks clarification on exactly what task needs to be completed as well as reassurance that she has completed the task sufficiently. Our collaboration was a bit of a struggle with the participating leadership style due to her lack of knowledge around federal requirements of our Title I funds and administrative expectations. I quickly realized her level of discomfort and begin telling her steps to complete. Working together over the last few month, I have notices she works better when given direct steps and instructions on how to complete the action. As our relationship has developed, we are moving toward the end of the Telling and beginning of the Selling leadership style by asking clarifying questions regarding

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