Reflective Essay On Interpersonal Relationships

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“Dating on the job is like eating at your desk: Invariably, it’s going to get messy” is a very accurate statement. It might seem like a great idea to start an romantic relationship or a great friendship in the workplace, because most of your awake hours are spend at work with these same coworkers everyday. What no one says is that the workplace attracts a considerable amount drama and communication issues. That vary from misinterpretation, listening skills, new hires, and lack of feedback from employees to managers. Unfortunately, mixing business and pleasure is by far the most problematic due to miscommunication issues and drama associated with interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
Starting any type of relationship at work other
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A few years ago, I developed a relationship with my good friend from work. We had already been friends for 3 years prior and one day I decided to express to him that I had more feeling for him. To my surprise he responded with the unimaginable. He had the same feelings for me as I had for him. We started to dating after work, but after time I figured out he was also dating my girlfriend in a different department. She told me nonchalantly one day while out after work. I assumed she didn 't know him and I were dating. He knew that we had become good girlfriends but still decided to date the both of us like it was nothing. It definitely caused plenty of issues. Instead of concealing the whole issue, I confessed that him and I were dating well before she even started working with us. Like a good friend would do, I suppose, she claimed that she would stopped talking to him because she valued our friendship. Unfortunately, she lied and continued to date him and do so in my face. It got so out of hand with the “tit for tat”, that I called it off him. Even after I ended things, she continued to act jealous when I talked to him even if it was work related or not. He…show more content…
I think that work place should just be a place to earn a living and nothing more when you start mixing business and pleasure you start to forget what you are there for. Like my granny always says “never have a honey where ya make ya

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