Reflective Essay On Human Rights

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For my Human Rights through a camera lens essay, I picked seven-year-old Indira from Katmandu, Nepal and fourteen-year-old Irkena from the Kaisut Dessert, in Kenya. Both of these kid’s rooms and pictures tells a story about their everyday lives and homes which they live in. What their photos tell me about human rights is that some people in this world have them and some don’t.
Seven-year-old Indira from Nepal shares a one room home with her whole family. Judging by the picture that is taken I can say that she’s probably forced to work at her young age to support her family. This is a problem for a lot of third-world countries. The kids are forced to grow up early. Not being able to enjoy their youth.
The way that Indira’s family is living in Nepal violates many Human Rights laws that she’s supposed to have as a human living on this earth. Article 25 of the Human Rights laws states that everyone should have standard living. Indira’s family doesn’t have that
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I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up on both the West and South sides of the city. I always lived in a house, but never had a room to myself. Till this day, when I go back to my south side home it’s either the basement without a bed or upstairs on the floor. Now I don’t want to give you the wrong impression of my family because of my household. I have a loving family who genuinely cares for me. They always make sure that I have everything that I need so I wouldn’t have to go to outside sources to get them AKA “The Streets”. Speaking of my environment, I live in a part of Chicago that has a lot of resources but it isn’t the safest place to be. Since the age of five, I’ve seen more shootings than a Vogue model during fashion week. Most of them happened on my own block. It was days when I wouldn’t go outside because the block was hot. It was a man-made
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