Reflective Essay On Being A Teacher

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My eighth grade history teacher Mrs.Harris is my mentor, she taught me at Heritage Middle School, in East Cleveland. This is also how we met and where we had met at. She was in was in her late fifties, brown-skinned, and short. Mrs. Harris always wore something nice, she was such a wonderful person. She made history fun. She had a different bond with all her students, everyone loved her. She was never upset she always had a smile on her face, and she also loved to joke around. Being a teacher isn’t easy, especially working in East Cleveland schools. But somehow Mrs.Harris made it seem so easy, There is not one student who she ever had a conflict with. I could never understand how she never got mad at any of us, she would never yell. Even when dealing with some of the bad kids who like to act up, she was still calm and was able to calm them down. Our relationship was just teacher and student, although that was just our relationship Mrs.Harris helped with a lot of my problems in school and out of school. She was very caring person, and she loved her cat and daughter she would tell us stories about them all the time.…show more content…
Mrs.Harris my mentor but, it was my friend Delvontre who helped me. I met Delvontre my ninth grade year at Shaw High School, he was a senior at East Tech High. Every since I’ve known him, he always helped with problems I have. He is like a big brother to me, because of him and Mrs.Harris I never given up in life at it’s hardest times. After not passing the Science OGT the four times I already taken it, it made want to give up on school. I said to myself what’s the point if I don’t pass the next two times I take it I can’t graduate. I thought of what Mrs.Harris would say get back up and keep fighting for what I want. But that wasn’t enough for me to want to keep going on. I call Delvontre, I was
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