Reflective Essay On Behavior Style

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After taking the DISC assessment, I discovered my behavior style was high in the influence dimension. After speaking with multiple colleagues, friends and family about my behavior style and we all agreed that this is true. I have always considered myself a people 's person and at the same time this is my downfall.

Most of my feedback on my behavior style was I cared too much about what people thought about me. I carry my emotions on my shoulders and I tend to let emotions drive my everyday life. When it comes to trusting people I never met a stranger. I always give people the benefit of the doubt that they will not take advantage of my openness. Even though this is my number one motto in life, it tends to be a downfall as well.

After reading
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As a leader, I tend to step back and give everyone the chance to do their own thing, but if something is done wrong I tend to take control to fix the issue alone. I hate placing blame or even bother people so the majority of the time I am stressing myself out to handle a group activity…show more content…
With me being a people person, I converse and mingle with all. From being in multiple organizations growing up I learned early on that everyone is different and my relationship is not going to be the same. Currently I am experiencing a slight division amongst the organization I am in. People whom use to be best friends are now are no longer and everyday there is a new issue. Some issues are smaller than others and some are just a matter of jealousy and wanting to be right. I am literally in the middle of the drama because I haven’t chosen a side. And because I think it is petty I’ve been avoiding just about every person in the organization. Do I feel like this is the best way to handle this, no! The fact that I am friends with everybody it’s hard to bring myself to approach the