Reflective Essay On Academic Success

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I believe that confidence and attitude play a major part in someone’s academic success, my favorite subject in school has always been English; because for as long as I can remember I have always been great at the subject. I would say that I had my most significant experiences with literacy at the age of ten, in the fifth grade. My teacher that year was really good with her teaching skills, and we wrote a lot of essays in that class. That is where I learned about essay formatting, how to write an introduction, and how to write numerous styles of essays. I had already feel in love with writing in the third grade, so once I got to the fifth grade I felt very comfortable with my writing skills. My essays were always praised by my teacher, and…show more content…
Armed with positive experiences from my earlier years, I was secure in my writing skills and I welcomed any new information that I could learn that would make me an even better writer. I owe a lot of my writing abilities to this teacher, I feel that she greatly and thoroughly prepared us for our literary futures. Essay writing was the biggest English lesson of that school year, this is where I first learned how to write an introduction, how to organize and structure paragraphs, and how to construct an overall essay. In this class my teacher would often times use my essays as an example for the other students, because often time I had the highest scored essay in the class. That school year gave me such confidence in myself when it came to writing essays, that it is something I started doing as a hobby and not just in school and academically. For me expressing myself through essay format gave me as much happiness as expressing myself through poetry; My fifth grade teacher always made sure she stressed to the class how much writing we would have to do in the many years to come, and how important it was to make sure that we were well prepared in the art of writing an essay. And to this day I am very thankful to her and all that she instilled in me as a